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Why do nanny-staters hate e-cigarettes?

By Rick Manning A version of this article appeared at TheHill.com. I thought it was a joke. Stories started circulating over the past few months about various left-wing local and state legislators urging a ban on e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes? Why would anyone want to ban these tar-free nicotine fixes that give real cigarette smokers an effective way to limit ingesting carcinogens? […]

10.18.2013 in Featured, Politics by Robert Romano 59

A House majority in name only

By Robert Romano House Republican leaders never had any intention of defunding or even delaying implementation of Obamacare. No other conclusion can be drawn from the complete capitulation by House Speaker John Boehner in agreeing to end the partial government shutdown, suspend the debt ceiling until Feb. 7, and allow funding for Obamacare to take effect without condition. Oh, and […]

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Earth to Obama: Americans voted for divided government in 2012

By Rick Manning “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election.” That was President Barack Obama, commenting on the aftermath of the recent government shutdown and the fight over his signature health care law. Yet, despite his credentials, Obama’s juvenile take on these issues is an […]

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Government’s big fear: What if no one notices we are gone?

By Rick Manning The official federal government report on the nation’s Employment Situation didn’t happen on Friday, and nobody seemed to miss it. Economists and others referenced a payroll report released by the paycheck processing company ADP earlier in the week that showed that the private sector had grown by 166,000 jobs. The Gallup Company found that the unemployment rate […]

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Barack Obama: Shutdown Fever

By Tom Toth President Obama isn’t very happy. Over the first 48 hours of the government shutdown, Americans have watched Obama and his Congressional gofers desperately attempting to paint the shutdown as a catastrophe forced onto the nation by the Tea Party. Photo Courtesy of Tamara Somerville: “There is a pervasive bipartisan sense in the neighborhood that padlocking the children’s […]

10.02.2013 in Politics by Brad Tidwell 4

The Obamacare Exchanges System is Down

Unlike the nation’s banks, the Obamacare Exchange program was not too big to fail. The website failed, and yet we trust Obama to run our health policy right. -By Brad Tidwell One of the loudest arguments made by Democrats in support of upholding Obamacare: it’s the law. Nevermind their newfound respect for the rule of law, the contradiction with the […]

Cartoon: Stirring the hornets’ nest

By A.F. Branco

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Republicans must show that they are serious about spending cuts

By Adam Bitely — Republicans in Congress have a real chance to show that they are serious about cutting spending with the upcoming sequestration cuts. If they hold firm on this, this will be the first example that they are willing to actually make cuts instead of negotiate deals with Democrats that only increase the spending and the debt. There […]

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Status of State Health Insurance Exchanges

NRD Editor’s Note: This is the most current information as of 8:49 AM Eastern on January 4. By John Vinci — (Updated 1/4/2012 8:49am) Governors and other state officials, across the states, are deciding whether their state will establish a Health Insurance Exchange. The Department of Health and Human Services has given States until Friday, December 14, 2012 to decide. […]

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EPA’s engine destroying gas may be coming soon

By Rebekah Rast — Nine gas stations in the nation now have pumps with E15 gasoline. E15 is a blend of regular gasoline mixed with 15 percent ethanol.  The pumps are recognized by their black and orange labels. And that label is not something you want to ignore. In an effort to curb U.S. dependency on gasoline and oil — […]

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