Obama’s Labor Dept sued by their own union – ALG’s Nathan Mehren’s notes the irony

Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement in response to allegations by the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 12 that the Obama-run Department of Labor has engaged in racial discrimination in their internal promotion policies dating back to 2009: “It is the ultimate irony that Labor Secretary Thomas Perez is facing a union crisis at […]

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Is this any way to treat the job creators?

By Marita Noon It’s no wonder that, as the New York Times (NYT) headline declared: “Growth in jobs slows sharply to 3-year low.” Addressing the Labor Department’s disappointing December Jobs Report, CNN Money’s headline states: “2013 ends with weakest job growth in years.” USA Today called it a “Big miss” and CNBC’s Jim Cramer sees the 74,000 gain in payrolls […]

ALG praises Reps. Kline and Camp for investigation

By Rick Manning and Tom Toth   On December 3, Representatives John Kline (MN-2) and Dave Camp (MI-4) issued a letter to Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez demanding information regarding how the Department of Labor utilizes and reviews information given for use by the Census Bureau for use in unemployment reports. The letter is in response to recent newspaper reports charging […]

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Marsha Blackburn and Nathan Mehrens Call for More Scrutiny before Perez Confirmation Vote

Recently, Nathan Mehrens has described Thomas Perez as being too radical for the Department of Labor.  Yesterday, Marsha Blackburn and Nathan Mehrens called on Sen. Alexander to closely scrutinize Thomas Perez before confirming him as the next Secretary of Labor. There’s an old adage that personnel is policy and that no man is above the law. That’s why President Barack Obama’s […]

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ALG Nominee Alert: Thomas Perez

“Thomas Perez has both a troubling record of mismanagement and a radical leftist agenda that he is bent on imposing without regard for the law. His nomination should be rejected.”—Bill Wilson, President, Americans for Limited Government On March 19, 2013 President Obama nominated Thomas Perez to become the next Secretary of the Department of Labor. Much has been written about […]

Hilda Solis is resigning from the Department of Labor

Barack Obama has just announced that Hilda Solis is resigning from her post as the Secretary of the Department of (Big) Labor. According to a Politico breaking news alert: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is resigning from the Obama administration. “Over her long career in public service – as an advocate for environmental justice in California, state legislator, member of Congress […]

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Jon Tester bears responsibility for proposed Labor farm regulations

By Rick Manning — President Ronald Reagan famously said, “Personnel is policy,” and not surprisingly, he was 100 percent right. That’s why Americans for Limited Government urged Senators Jon Tester to oppose the nomination of Patricia Smith to the office of Solicitor of the Department of Labor. As the Solicitor Patricia Smith approves every single regulation that goes through the […]

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Unemployment rate is up; U.S. economy still sputtering along

The unemployment report is up to 8.3 percent. Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government responded: The economic bad news of Obama’s failed economic plan keeps cascading down on the American people.  Today’s unemployment rate of 8.3 percent is shocking in that it is not higher.  With the nation’s economy staggering as it only grows by .125 percent each […]

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Who is Erica Groshen?

Take a look at the latest Obama nominee, Erica Groshen, who could soon be running the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Erica Groshen Report

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Obama administration handicapped by own regulations

By Adam Bitely — The regulatory nightmare that has developed out of the Obama administration since taking office in 2009 has finally caught up with them. The Obama administration ordered that all federal construction projects that exceeds $25 million must have a project-labor agreement (PLA). A PLA is an order from the government that sets the conditions for the construction […]

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