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When you Live by Identity Politics, You Die by Identity Politics

It appears that the “war on women” rhetoric has turned on Democrat candidates. A new video (shown below) made my the Republican National Committee shows several examples of Democrats in close campaign battles attacking their female Republicans opponents with sexist insults, all of which are from this campaign cycle alone. This trend of conduct is troubling — no woman should face rhetoric like these candidates have faced throughout this […]

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D.C. Republican Shark Tank smells blood in water, turns on their own

By Rick Manning With friends like the National Republican Congressional Committee, who needs enemies?  That must be the question Republican House candidate David Jolly is asking himself today.  Fighting to win the special election to fill the seat of Bill Young who died earlier this year, Jolly is now having to spend the last days of his campaign dealing with […]

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5 Issues the Republicans must win in 2014

[tps_header][/tps_header] By Tom Toth With November’s midterm elections drawing near, Republicans have a chance to take control of the Senate and build a daunting majority in the House of Representatives with resounding election victories across the nation. What’s unclear, however, is whether or not Republicans are prepared to win in Congress once they win in their states and districts. Efforts […]

More than 100 million still lose existing coverage under GOP ‘Keep Your Health Plan Act’

By Robert Romano The Obama administration has been fully discredited on its pledge that Americans would be allowed to keep their existing health plans if they liked them. Now congressional Republicans have been granted a golden opportunity to finally present their alternative plans to Obamacare, but are they blowing it? In 2010, when the Labor Department issued its interim final […]

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Republican National Convention Wrap-Up: Day 3

NRD Editor’s Note: Each day, Bill Smith of ARRA News Service, provides us with special reports on what is happening down in Tampa. Tampa, FL — Bill Smith: on the final day of RNC 2012, delegates awoke knowing that they were going to the “big dance” and their nominee, Mitt Romney, would take the stage and accept the nomination as […]

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Republican National Convention Wrap-up: Day 2

NRD Editor’s Note: Each day, Bill Smith of ARRA News Service, provides us with special reports on what is happening down in Tampa. Each night, ALG staff participate in a live-chat of what is happening at the convention that you can participate in. Tampa, FL  — Bill Smith: Today the delegates to the RNC 2012 in Tampa, FL had free […]

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The left’s monetary alchemy

By Bill Wilson — The left has been in a huff over the Republican National Convention Platform Committee’s decision to include a proposal calling for a gold commission to examine whether the value of the U.S. dollar should be fixed as a weight of gold. New York Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman called it a “very bad, no good, […]

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33% of GOP voters want new candidate to enter presidential race

A new telephone survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows that 1/3 of likely voters want a new candidate from the GOP: The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 34% of Likely U.S. Voters think it would be good for Republicans if another candidate entered the race for the party’s presidential nomination. But nearly as many (31%) say it […]

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Huntsman to drop out on Monday

Jon Huntsman, after receiving the endorsement from one of South Carolina’s largest newspapers, will drop out of the race for the GOP nomination tomorrow. Huntsman will endorse Mitt Romney Monday as well.

The Milk Carton Republicans

The debt ceiling vote could do for Republicans today what the TARP vote did for them in 2008…

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