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Federal Government loses at least $25 billion on auto bailout

I’m surprised it was only this much…: The Treasury Department says in a new report the government expects to lose more than $25 billion on the $85 billion auto bailout. That’s 15 percent higher than its previous forecast. In a monthly report sent to Congress on Friday, the Obama administration boosted its forecast of expected losses by more than $3.3 […]

08.10.2012 in Economy, Featured by NetRight Daily 3

Corporate welfare hurts everyone

By Rebekah Rast — Corporate welfare to favored businesses and industries has swelled in this country. Both sides of the political aisle like it and are equally responsible for it. No matter the consequences or cost to taxpayers, corporate welfare is scattered throughout our nation’s spending record. A report by the Cato Institute found that corporate welfare costs taxpayers almost […]

06.12.2012 in Economy, Featured by NetRight Daily 1

Budget deficit double what it was last year

How fast does the government spend money? Faster and faster with each passing moment. In May, the federal government spent $125 billion deficit for the month–more than double the amount it spent in May 2011. As Fox Business reported: So far this fiscal year, the budget deficit stands at $844.5 billion, narrower than at the same time a year ago. […]

06.11.2012 in Politics by NetRight Daily 4

Your government at waste: State Department spends $16.5 million on 2,500 Kindles

Here’s the latest government waste that should make you forever question those running the government in Washington, D.C.: the State Department spent $16.5 million on the purchase of 2,500 Kindles. As Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson put it, “The Obama Administration has become organized looting. This should warrant a Special Investigator” From The Atlantic: IPads are too fancy, […]

06.08.2012 in Politics by Robert Romano 0

Ending taxpayer funded green energy

On June 5, the House passed via voice vote an amendment to HR 5325 by Rep. Jeff Landry that would defund a “green” energy propaganda campaign by the federal government. It was supposed to encourage us to get off fossil fuels and on to “cleaner” alternatives. Watch the video below to see the debate on the amendment and the subsequent […]

05.30.2012 in Featured, Politics by NetRight Daily 1

Don’t bring back earmarks!

MEMO FOR THE MOVEMENT RE: Some members of congress are trying to reopen the earmark ban through an obscure legislative process.  For many conservatives, the two-year moratorium on the practice of earmarking was the signature accomplishment of the new House majority elected in 2010.  Yet, the current legislative push by involving Miscellaneous Tariff Bills (MTBs) is being used by the […]

05.08.2012 in Featured, Politics by Rick Manning 8

No place for Republican crony capitalism

By Rick Manning — Congressional Republicans have made headline after headline deriding the Obama Administration’s Solyndra deal as crony capitalism gone awry. On Wednesday, May 9, these same Republicans face a moment of truth when they will have to decide if they truly are against crony capitalism or if they are only against Obama’s morphed version of venture socialism. The […]

05.04.2012 in Politics by NetRight Daily 2

Obamacare program asks for billions more while expecting to lose $3.1 billion; Congress investigates

By John Vinci — Apparently $3.4 billion isn’t enough. It now seems that the Obama Administration is asking for a total of $7.25 billion dollars to fund loan grants in its Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) Program. The same Administration that gave us Solyndra, had told us last year to expect a CO-OP loan default rate of 30 percent […]

04.13.2012 in ALG Videos, Media by Frank McCaffrey 8

Obama’s Blunders: The G.S.A. And The Vegas Vacation

By Frank McCaffrey — So the organization that is supposed to cut waste, fraud and abuse gave us more waste, fraud and abuse than we have seen in a long time. Here’s ALG’s Don Todd with the first installment of Obama’s Blunders.

04.03.2012 in Featured, Politics by NetRight Daily 14

Obama condemns the clown, the comedian and the psychic

By Adam Bitely — Obama is pained by the waste of over $800,000 by the General Services Administration (GSA). The “waste” has resulted in the head of the GSA, Martha Johnson, losing her job along with some other bureaucrats involved in the matter. Oddly though, Obama has failed to shown any concern for trillions of dollars in debt that the […]

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