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D.C. Republican Shark Tank smells blood in water, turns on their own

By Rick Manning With friends like the National Republican Congressional Committee, who needs enemies?  That must be the question Republican House candidate David Jolly is asking himself today.  Fighting to win the special election to fill the seat of Bill Young who died earlier this year, Jolly is now having to spend the last days of his campaign dealing with […]

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NO MORE TAXES!!!!!!!!!

As leaders of broad based American citizen groups we call upon Republican House Members to vote no on Speaker Boehner’s Tax Hike known as “Plan B.”  This tax increase bill is just like the tax increase proposal Nancy Pelosi offered last year on May 23rd. Speaker Boehner, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and too many Members of the Republican conference have […]

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The Dems Flip-Flop On Payroll Tax Holiday…And Seemingly Everything Else They Say!

By Frank McCaffrey — Nancy Pelosi and others once pushed for a payroll tax holiday. Now they are pulling back. What’s going on? Are they ever going to be consistent?

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Pelosi’s Supreme Court hope

By David McFadden — Liberals who are pessimistic about the prospects in the Supreme Court this week for the Abominable Care Act, known as “ACA,” have been preparing the ground by publicizing surveys measuring the unpopularity of the Court. Liberals who are optimistic, such as former House speaker Nancy Pelosi, predict that ACA will be upheld 6-3. The 6-3 breakdown […]

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Boehner commemorates Pelosi on House floor today for her service to the nation…

Boehner gave a “stirring” commemoration of Pelosi on the House floor today in honor of her “25 years of real service” in Congress…

03.14.2012 in Featured, Politics by Bill Wilson 2

Obamacare 10-year costs jump to $1.75 trillion and growing

By Bill Wilson — As we begin to see what’s in it, as Nancy Pelosi suggested we do, the true costs of Obamacare are being revealed by the Congressional Budget Office. Now we know that through 2022, the price tag will rise to $1.75 trillion—and counting. This proves that the out-years always were always where the real expense was hidden […]

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Pelosi blames speculators for rising gas prices

By Bill Wilson — Congressional Democrats are once again resorting to the tired line of price manipulation by so-called speculators and oil companies to explain why Americans are paying more at the pump. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is accounting for rising prices by market forces, saying alternatively that it’s because the economy is recovering and includes increased demand overseas, particularly […]

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Federal government asks for more time to defend ObamaCare in Supreme Court

Funny, the Obama Administration is suddenly interested in getting more time to defend ObamaCare: On Friday attorneys for the Obama administration filed a motion with the Supreme Court requesting more time in which to make its oral arguments in defense of ObamaCare. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) obligates every American to purchase a qualifying health insurance […]

Pelosi: ‘Yes’ The Obama NLRB Should Shut Down Boeing’s Plant In South Carolina

Pelosi has finally said what we all knew to be true. She would rather see a union job than any job at all: (H/T Lachlan Markay)

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‘Welcome to the occupation’

By Howard Rich — According to a recent Pew Research Center study, most Americans are ignoring the Occupy Wall Street movement. “There is significantly less public interest in the current Occupy Wall Street protests than there was in the Tea Party protests in early 2009, when they were receiving comparable levels of media coverage,” the Pew study found. The study […]

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