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The disintegration of the First Amendment

By Rick Manning A version of this article appeared at Breitbart.com. The Obama Administration has engaged in an unprecedented assault on the First Amendment which is accelerating as he expands the reach of government using regulatory powers well beyond their legal limitations. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall famously wrote in McCulloch v. Maryland, one of our nation’s foundational legal […]

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Barack Obama: Shutdown Fever

By Tom Toth President Obama isn’t very happy. Over the first 48 hours of the government shutdown, Americans have watched Obama and his Congressional gofers desperately attempting to paint the shutdown as a catastrophe forced onto the nation by the Tea Party. Photo Courtesy of Tamara Somerville: “There is a pervasive bipartisan sense in the neighborhood that padlocking the children’s […]

Cartoon: Stirring the hornets’ nest

By A.F. Branco

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Obama’s loo-worthy Treasury appointment

NRD Editor’s Note: This column first appeared at TheHill.com. By Rick Manning — President Obama announced that he is appointing current Chief of Staff and former OMB Director Jack Lew to be the nation’s next secretary of the Treasury. Lew, whose signature featuring a bunch of loops with no discernible letters has become an Internet viral sensation, is a fitting […]

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Do taxes matter?

By Bill Wilson — $2.59 trillion. That’s how much the Obama Administration anticipates it will collect in taxes in 2012.  Another $1.345 trillion will be collected by state and local governments, based on 2011 data by the U.S. Census Bureau. All together, that’s a whopping $3.935 trillion Americans pay in taxes on an annual basis — or about 24.9 percent […]

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Understanding the ‘unemployment rate’

By Rick Manning — “The monthly unemployment rate has become a meaningless statistic that no longer reflects the reality of America’s economy or even the state of our nation’s employment.  Shockingly, the stated rate of 8.3 percent does not include the  4.4 million Americans who have dropped out of the labor force since Obama became president.   When you include the […]

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Green Pressure Groups Poised to Shut Down Production Even if Keystone Pipeline is Approved

By Kevin Mooney — Even if the Obama Administration reverses course on the Keystone XL pipeline prior to the November elections, there are any number of green pressure groups in circulation that could complicate production efforts.  President Obama recently denied the pipeline’s application to cross between the Canadian-U.S. border.  The pipeline itself would extend from Canada to Texas. Transcanada, the Canadian […]

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The Politics of Waivers

By John Vinci — Once again the Obama Administration is issuing waivers from its controversial Obamacare law in order to make it more politically palatable.  With high Catholic populations in key swing states, the Obama Administration announced last Friday that it will give 1-year waivers to Catholic and other religious organizations conscientiously opposed to a new regulation that requires employers […]

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Up in Smoke II?

By Rick Manning — The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found that government owned General Motors’ showcase electric vehicle, the Chevy Volt does not have a problem with catching on fire in spite of two test vehicles becoming engulfed in flames weeks after being subjected to test crashes.  With 8000 Volts out there, and at least one mysterious fire in […]

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Obama Administration Denies Federal Drug Price Controls are Killing Americans

By John Vinci — While Americans are dying because of a drug shortage problem serious enough to call a national emergency, the Obama Administration is denying that Medicare price controls are the cause. Two hearings now have been held on the government induced prescription drug shortage in the House and another has been requested by ranking members of the House […]

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