Obamacare replaces Prohibition as most-hated federal law

By Don Todd Like President Carter who has lost his reputation as the worst President in recent times Andrew Volstead (R-MN) has lost his distinction as the author of the most hated legislation in modern history with a politician’s name attached to it.  The Volstead Act which implemented Prohibition has now been replaced by Obamacare and Congressman Volstead has been […]

Obamacare previously uninsured enrollees off by 4.7 million?

By Robert Romano The numbers are in for Obamacare sign-ups on the exchanges in accordance with the April 1 deadline to enroll: 7 million have enrolled. But apparently, only about one-third were previously uninsured, reported the Los Angeles Times on March 30: “At least 6 million people have signed up for health coverage on the new marketplaces, about one-third of […]

Cartoon: “Sham Wow”

By A.F. Branco Click here for high resolution verstion. Unions coming to college football?  

03.17.2014 in Featured, Politics by NetRight Daily 21

Obamacare and Obamaphones

By Rick Manning Remember the good ole days back in 2010 when no one had read the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and it was going to enroll millions of the uninsured? All of us just blithely believed our D.C. masters who assured us that if we liked our insurance we could keep it, and that we wouldn’t be forced to […]

Canada shows how to fight radical green groups

A version of this article was originally published in Investors.com By Bill Wilson The global economy is an increasingly high-stakes battlefield, and governments large and small must determine daily when and how to enter that fray. Do they engage on the side of free markets and expanded individual liberties — promoting greater prosperity and freedom for all people? Or do […]

SEIU Front Group “Wisconsin Jobs Now” Promotes ObamaCare, Law Breaking

-By Brad Tidwell The “nonpartisan” Wisconsin Jobs Now, funded nearly entirely by SEIU Healthcare, is an Obamacare certified application counselor with a history of lawbreaking. “Wisconsin Jobs Now” is a self-described “community-based, non-profit organization” focused on issues like “economic justice” and “fighting income inequality.” However, when you look into their financial statements, it becomes immediately clear that they are little […]

VIDEO: Obamacare’s crippling ramifications to families & small businesses

This video is only one of millions of stories from Obamacare’s disastrous ramifications. Stories like these are why the fight against Obamacare mustn’t end.

Cartoon: “O-Care for the Youth”

By A.F. Branco

Cartoon: “Wolf of Stonewall Street”

By A.F. Branco

Eleven state attorneys general stand for the rule of law

By Rick Manning Eleven states are now challenging the legal ability of the Obama administration to unilaterally change and delay portions of the Affordable Care Act without the consent of Congress. As The Hill reported: “Eleven GOP attorneys general say the Obama administration is breaking the law by constantly making changes to ObamaCare without going through Congress.  The attorneys general […]

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