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D.C. Republican Shark Tank smells blood in water, turns on their own

By Rick Manning With friends like the National Republican Congressional Committee, who needs enemies?  That must be the question Republican House candidate David Jolly is asking himself today.  Fighting to win the special election to fill the seat of Bill Young who died earlier this year, Jolly is now having to spend the last days of his campaign dealing with […]

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The lame duck’s not-so-secret weapon

By Tom Toth Gearing up for heavy Congressional losses in November and the possibility of a Republican administration in 2017, Barack Obama has kicked his regulatory agencies into high—well, higher—gear for his remaining time in office. Obama, a chief executive who never possessed an aptitude for legislative influence nor maintaining public mandates for the policies of his party, knows that […]

New noise on climate change: A winning issue for Republicans

By Marita Noon The Democrats think that climate change is going to be a winning issue for them in 2014 — and, if they handle it correctly, this could be a winning issue for the Republicans. You know, nothing comes out of the Obama White House by mistake. Everything is planned, analyzed, and focus-group tested. Last June when President Obama […]

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5 Issues the Republicans must win in 2014

[tps_header][/tps_header] By Tom Toth With November’s midterm elections drawing near, Republicans have a chance to take control of the Senate and build a daunting majority in the House of Representatives with resounding election victories across the nation. What’s unclear, however, is whether or not Republicans are prepared to win in Congress once they win in their states and districts. Efforts […]

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Beyond whimper, little Republican response to filibuster demise

By Robert Romano Despite the brazen power grab by Senate Democrats led by Majority Leader Harry Reid to blatantly ignore Senate rules to overcome cloture on most presidential nominees, there has been little Republican backlash to a move that has sharply changed the power structure in Washington, D.C. This is a rule that has stood the test of time for […]

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Obama owes America an apology

By Rick Manning President Obama owes Ted Cruz and Mike Lee along with House Republicans an apology.  He owes the tea party an apology.  In fact, he owes all of America an apology. For weeks, Obama and his minions refused offer after offer that would have delayed implementation of Obamacare for a year.  They not only refused to even talk […]

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A House majority in name only

By Robert Romano House Republican leaders never had any intention of defunding or even delaying implementation of Obamacare. No other conclusion can be drawn from the complete capitulation by House Speaker John Boehner in agreeing to end the partial government shutdown, suspend the debt ceiling until Feb. 7, and allow funding for Obamacare to take effect without condition. Oh, and […]

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CNN Recommends Republican CR

By now, it’s old news: The Obamacare exchange websites are still failing. Reporting on this, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer finally conceded that “they had three years to get this ready — if they weren’t fully ready, they should accept the advice that a lot of Republicans are giving them, delay it another year…” supporting the second CR passed by House Republicans […]

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Republicans must show that they are serious about spending cuts

By Adam Bitely — Republicans in Congress have a real chance to show that they are serious about cutting spending with the upcoming sequestration cuts. If they hold firm on this, this will be the first example that they are willing to actually make cuts instead of negotiate deals with Democrats that only increase the spending and the debt. There […]

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Poll: 79% of Republicans Think GOP Should Put Party Principles Ahead of Working with Obama

Now is not the time to waiver on principle. Even though the left is claiming they have a mandate (they won by a slim margin) to govern however they please, Republican politicians should keep in mind that Republican activists will be looking to dump those who are whimsy on policy at the next opportunity. Here’s the latest data from Rasmussen: […]

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