Will the Supreme Court permit EPA climate fraud?

By Paul Driesson The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in Utility Air Regulatory Group v. Environmental Protection Agency. The case will determine how far EPA can extend its regulatory overreach, to control “climate changing” carbon dioxide from power plants and other facilities — by ignoring the Constitution’s “separation of powers” provisions, rewriting clear language in the Clean Air […]

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EPA in the Supreme Court’s Crosshairs

By Tom Toth The United States Supreme Court heard arguments from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday on the extent regulatory agencies may rewrite legislation using regulatory powers to accomplish the political agenda of the Executive Branch. Specifically, the high court will determine if and/or how far the EPA has the Constitutional prerogative to use the Clean Air Act […]

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Supreme Court will decide fate of checks and balances

By Nathan Mehrens A version of this article appeared on WashingtonExaminer.com. President Obama’s January 2012 decision to unilaterally declare the Senate in recess and install three Members to the National Labor Relations Board stands as one of the most egregious usurpations of power in our history. Using a purported power under the Constitution’s recess appointment clause, the President steamrolled the […]

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Supreme Court declares victory on Voting Rights Act

Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement praising the success of the Voting Rights Act over the past 48 years in eradicating voting discrimination on the basis of race:  “The Supreme Court has declared victory on the Voting Rights Act. As Census data revealed in the latest election, voter turnout among the races has achieved […]

Supreme Court to Hear NLRB Recess Appointment Case

Earlier this year, the DC Circuit court ruled that Obama’s recess appointments to the NLRB were illegal.  Today the Supreme Court has decided to hear the case in the coming term.  It will be a key separation of powers case in the coming term. Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement responding to the Supreme […]

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Is Obamacare still in Supreme Court jeopardy?

By Rick Manning — Legal actions against Obamacare are clearly still considered viable as the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to hear Liberty University’s suit against provisions of the law under First Amendment grounds. Does this give hope that other lawsuits based upon other aspects of the law might find support from the Supremes? From […]

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Tester’s Supreme Court votes threaten 2nd Amendment

By Rick Manning — Joe Biden got one thing right in his debate with Paul Ryan – the next four years are likely to bring multiple picks to the Supreme Court of the United States and the implications have never been more important for Montanans who support gun rights. No matter who makes the picks, Montana needs a U.S. Senator […]

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Net Right Daily Warned of Media Pressure Against Chief Justice Roberts

By Kevin Mooney — Here, in a nutshell, is what several astute commentators on the right, including George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and others have told readers in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare: Associate Justice John Roberts would have ruled to strike down the federal health care law, but Chief Justice John Roberts felt an institutional obligation […]

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The Power of Intimidation

By David Nace — We think of the 9 robed Justices of the Supreme Court as beyond intimidation.  However, we now know this is false.  The bizarre decision of Chief Justice Roberts to uphold Obamacare by making it Obamatax is not the first time that a Supreme court Justice has succumbed to intimidation and voted to usurp the Constitution, believing […]

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The death of the Court and the protection of individual liberty

NRD Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared at TheHill.com. By Rick Manning — The Supreme Court is no longer relevant. Long viewed as the last bastion protecting the individual from the rapacious powers of the federal government, SCOTUS, in the name of Chief Justice John Roberts, declared themselves meaningless. If government can compel individuals to purchase a private product under […]

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