California’s ‘flee’ collar

By A.F. Branco  

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Power to tax and destroy

By Rick Manning Tax reform is likely to be one of the hot button topics in the months ahead as politicians on both sides of the aisle grapple with how to make the federal income tax system, flatter, fairer and less complicated. The tax code itself has been altered, fixed, reformed, flattened, expanded and criticized since it was created in […]

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NO MORE TAXES!!!!!!!!!

As leaders of broad based American citizen groups we call upon Republican House Members to vote no on Speaker Boehner’s Tax Hike known as “Plan B.”  This tax increase bill is just like the tax increase proposal Nancy Pelosi offered last year on May 23rd. Speaker Boehner, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and too many Members of the Republican conference have […]

The Naughty List

Cartoon by William Warren NRD Editor’s Note: As always, you may reprint this cartoon anywhere you please, but we ask that you provide a link back to this source. To see more cartoons, click here.

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California: Golden in all the wrong ways

By Rebekah Rast — California is once again at the top. Under the federal government’s new measurement of poverty, California is in last place — or at the top of the state rankings with a 23.5 percent poverty rate. Meaning almost a fourth of its residents are living in poverty, according to the new “supplemental poverty measure” (SPM) developed by […]

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Tim Kaine’s ‘No Pocket Goes Unpicked’ initiative

By Rick Manning — Kaine supports taxing your kid’s babysitting money through a minimum federal income tax. In an announcement that has been deemed, “the no pocket goes unpicked” initiative, Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine has come out for an income tax on every single person in America who makes any money whatsoever. It is unclear whether Kaine believes that […]

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Obamacare Disaster: CBO estimates 6 million will pay insurance tax

Remember Obama’s major 2008 promise: “I will not raise taxes on the middle class”? Today the CBO announces that the individual mandate, which the Supreme Court determined to be a tax, will hit 6 million Americans–2 million more than they originally estimated. The reason? Higher unemployment and a worsening in the economic outlook since the early years of the Obama […]

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Carbon taxes on the horizon

Incredibly, “conservative” groups are meeting to push through a carbon tax in the lame duck session… From Greenwire: Diverse group meets in Washington to discuss way forward on carbon Jean Chemnick, E&E reporter Climate policy thinkers of every political stripe are set to meet this afternoon at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the American Enterprise Institute for a closed-door meeting […]

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Will taxing the rich fix the deficit? No

The latest video from Learn Liberty tackles a question that the left always contends is the key to fixing the federal government’s fiscal problems:

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Obamacare and the ‘Power To Destroy’

As originally published by Investor’s Business Daily. By Howard Rich — Nearly two centuries ago Daniel Webster stood before the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of James McCulloch, head of the Baltimore branch of the Second Bank of the United States. At issue were two basic questions: Did the federal government have the authority to establish a bank? And did […]

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