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Sarah Palin’s Unheeded Example for the GOP

By David Bozeman A Tea Party based “Draft Sarah” movement has sprung up in recent months, leading to speculation that the former governor may challenge first-term Democratic incumbent Mark Begich for the U.S. Senate in 2014.  Palin trails Begich in general election polling, as well as Governor Sean Parnell, her former Lt. Governor, in a primary, though both by only […]

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Is the Tea Party more relevant in 2012 than we are being led to believe?

By Frank McCaffrey — We often think of 2010 as the prime era of the Tea Party movement. However, it appears that it’s more relevant than we might think.

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The Occupy Movement VS. The Tea Party: See Who Has Done More

By Frank McCaffrey — It appears the Occupy Movement has done very little to help the Democratic Party (see Wisconsin). The Tea Party has been effective in its activism.

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Richmond, Virginia Tea Party audited after requesting investigation of ‘Occupy Richmond’

The Richmond Tea Party in Richmond, VA is being audited by the City of Richmond. This audit request comes after the group requested an investigation of Occupy Richmond to see whether or not they had paid for the proper permits as well as other services necessary to hold a protest/gathering in the city. As Virginia Right reported previously, the Richmond […]

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Did anything change in Congress?

By Adam Bitely — Can anyone remember a time when Congress had a decent approval rating? Didn’t think so. Every couple of election cycles or so, a wave of frustration at Congress sweeps the nation and voters change the partisan makeup of the House and Senate. Within a relatively short time, the electorate becomes frustrated again with the “partisan grid-lock” […]

Sanity Downgrade

By William Warren – It would appear that the U.S. credit rating wasn’t the only thing receiving a downgrade…

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S&P Credit Downgrade Vindicates Tea Party Warnings

By Robert Romano – AA is now Barack Obama’s scarlet letter.  He is the first President to preside over a downgrade of our full faith and credit, and it is owed to no less than Obama’s $1 trillion annual expansion of the now $14.5 trillion national debt, which will top 100 percent of the $15 trillion Gross Domestic Product in […]

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DC Debt Deal: Restraint In Name Only

By Howard Rich – Republican leaders in Washington, D.C. have failed another crucial test of their limited government resolve.  Rather than insisting on immediate cuts, entitlement reform, caps on future spending and a balanced budget requirement during the recent debt ceiling debate, the GOP has fallen victim to yet another “sky is falling” scam.  And so instead of achieving a […]

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Constitutionalists, or Kooks?

By David Bozeman – One is reluctant to call any tactic in the liberal playbook new, but the latest salvo against conservatives and Tea Partiers could surely qualify as bizarre. A liberal friend recently remarked that politicians who advertise their affection for the Constitution clearly don’t have the people’s best interests at heart. Ouch! And remember the outcry when the Constitution […]

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The Mother of all No-Brainers: David Brooks Is Nuts

David Brooks, the faux conservative at the New York Times, penned a rather disturbing column on July 5th about the stance Republicans are taking on the debt ceiling debate that should be raising eyebrows everywhere for many reasons. Here are a couple of items that Brooks got wrong. First, Mr. Brooks believes that the nation made the decision to bankrupt […]

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